quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2015

Carta de Clark Johnson, um dos mais antigos alunos ds Thrangu Rinpoche,

Dear Sangha,

The devastation caused by two earthquakes in Nepal continues. The isolation created by the Himalayan mountains has left many villagers without the help desperately needed to put their lives back together.

The logistics of getting aid to the whole country has become a major challenge. The international community and various NGOs face real delays because of insignificant infrastructure and heavy equipment and transport to reach the many in isolated areas.
The 17th Karmapa and Thrangu Rinpoche have made it clear that this is a situation to practice engaged Buddhism by actively helping all that need help. This is a time that we need to engage however we can.
Even though it has been a month since the devastating earthquake, Dr. John Norbu reports that there are still aftershocks.  This is because Nepal is not simply on a fault line, but is actually where the Asian and India plates are colliding.
The government is trying to get the buildings inspected  before they can be occupied--with only a few inspectors for thousands of buildings the populous are still living in tents. With the monsoon rains this has become more and more difficult.
These are Thrangu Rinpoche's monks at Namo Buddha, a  monastery that is about 30 miles from Kathmandu. They are doing morning prayers in a large tent until the necessary structural repairs can be made. They are also living outside in tents.
earthquake damage
Thrangu Rinpoche has a 3-year retreat and nunnery at Nubri, Nepal. Before the Earthquake to get to Nubri you took a short bus ride before you began a 5 day walk to reach the village. Since the earthquake, there is now no transportation.  The village was destroyed and access has been made extremely dangerous because the path has been destroyed. Tulku Damcho has charted a helicopter twice to get necessary supplies to the monks and nuns and villagers.
A majority of Thrangu Rinpoche's monks (including Tulku Damcho's) come from small villages in Northern Nepal so they have many relatives who were injured and have lost everything.
Tulku Damcho Aid

Tulku Damcho Rinpoche by the way will be visiting Denver to give teaching this October.

We ask you to support the efforts to help Nepal. 100% of the funds will go directly
to the villages in need. So far we are moving towards $20,000 but much more is needed.

The situation as it is now:

* whole villages have been destroyed
* food prices have skyrocketed and families are living in the open in make shift tarps and tents.
* Some villages are not receiving help because of the difficultity in reaching them.
* blankets,  tents, and all services are in short supply
* trekking trails are destroyed, access is a major challenge

You can donate at VajraVidya.com (Go to 3rd tab--Nepal earthquake relief)

Blessings &
Thank you,

Clark Johnson

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