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Choten under construction. Time to put a bit of yours which will remain for aeons.

Zimwock Rinpoche Zim'og VI.

Foto de Zimwock Rinpoche Zim'og VI.
Zimwock Rinpoche Zim'og VI
Choten under construction. Time to put a bit of yours which will remain for aeons.

 "If the Great Stupa is restored according to this prophecy,
content and prosperous men of the entire southern continent of
Jambudvipa will reap abundant harvests for twenty-five years.
Contented and prosperous men in India, Nepal and Sikkim will reap
abundant harvests for thirty-three years. The Land of the Snows
will be free from invading barbarian hordes for sixty years and
harvests will be fruitful and men happy and prosperous for forty
years. The thoughts of the Path Followers will be actualized. The
Wheels of Dharma at the temples and monasteries of India and
Tibet, at Vajrasana and Samyeling, will be untouched by the
vagaries of the elements and the barriers obstructing the
transmission of explanation and instruction will be removed and
the Dharma will spread. Great Beings, Masters of the Lineal
Traditions, will strengthen their lineages and spread the example
of Buddha Service. The indications of revealed perfection of the
completion of the practices of visualization of the Deity and
recitation of Mantra by Mantradharas, will appear without
hindrance. The subservient gods and demons of Tibet, the King
Trisondetsen, his family and heirs and the leaders of the country
will adhere to both spiritual and temporal obligations, giving
power to many and satisfaction and virtue to all. The spirits of
malice and vindictiveness, instruments of the ruination of Tibet,
and the black beasts corrupted by egoistic intent will be
vanquished, eradicated.
"And all living creatures engaged in the restoration of the
Great Stupa, after three reawakenings, are reborn with the body
of a man or god, a pure vessel for the nectar of Dharma, and
finally attain Buddhahood in the Western Buddhafield of
Sukhavati, the Pure Land of Bliss. Whoever has put trust in the
Great Stupa, whoever has found joy in the nature of the Great
Stupa, whoever has shown devotion to the Great Stupa and whoever
rejoices with the Bodhisattvas when the Restoration of the Great
Stupa has been completed, after seven rebirths, sits at the head
of the Vidhyadharas in the Infinite Palace of Lotus Light in the
Glorious Copper Coloured Mountain of Ngayab in the southwest. Any
living creature who envisions the Great Restoration with his eye,
or hears its vibration with his ear, or imagines it in his mind
or feels it with his body has all traces of unknowing action, the
stains of sixty-thousand great aeons of ignorance, removed from
his mind. All men engaged with the Great Being in the Restoration
of the Great Stupa either with or without understanding, trust or
devotion receive a part of his supreme realization and spiritual
power, and arriving at the end of human experience, they live in
the Reality of the Vidhyadharas at the feet of Orgyen Rimpoche
himself.- Guru Rinpoche's 8th century prediction quoted in the 
Legend of the Great Boudhanath Stupa

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