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John le Carré, the spy máster

John le Carré, the spy máster

  • John Le Carre, pictured in London, March, 2013
    John le Carré, pictured in London, March 2013 Nadav Kander
He may be now 81, but John le Carré is as opinionated as ever. The storyteller par excellence talks about ageing, class, the War on Terror – and what happened when he took cocaine
Earlier this year, two dozen or so foxhounds are streaming through the streets of St Buryan, a village in Cornwall not far from Land’s End. Behind them drifts a loose formation of men and women perched atop well-groomed horses.

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Christine Zachary disse...

I came to appreciate John Le Carre by first watching the two BBC productions made in the 1980s with Alec Guinness: Tinker Tailor, and then Smiley's people.

So-- I read the books after I had seen the screenplays which are of course quite different than the novels in many respects. Le Carre's prose in the novels never wastes the reader's time. Le Carre's ability to convey the nuance of character as well as portray a scene with the poetic precision of Basho is what I believe makes him one of the truly great writers of 20th century fiction.