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White lion triplets born in Poland

Animals often have defects that prevent a healthy birth or mothers reject cubs

White lion cubs
The cubs were born at the zoo in Borysew, central Poland, on 28 January. Photograph: Marcin Wziontek/REX

Unusual white lion triplets have been born in a zoo in central Poland.
White lion cubs The white lion cubs sleep next to their mother, two-year-old Azira. Photograph: Marcin Wziontek/REX Andrzej Pabich, head of the zoo in Borysew, said white lions often have defects that prevent giving birth, or mothers may reject the cubs. Triplets are rare.
White lion cubs One of the cubs clambers on Azira's back. Photograph: Janek Skarzynski/AFP/Getty Images Pabich said on Tuesday that the two-year-old white lioness Azira had been feeding and caring for the cubs, which were born on 28 January. Their father, three-year-old Sahim, who is also white, is kept in a neighbouring cage.
White lion cubs The cubs and Azira. The father is kept in a separate enclosure. Photograph: Janek Skarzynski/AFP/Getty Images The cubs will be allowed into an outdoor run in April.
Opened in 2008, the zoo has animals of 80 species including white tigers and white camels.

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